At Ginger Labs, we’re not just about building great apps. We work hard, but we also love to have a good time! We believe social events are essential in creating strong working relationships and help to foster an environment where employees can just be themselves.

Here’s a peek into some of the fun that happens at Ginger Labs!

Daily Lunch 🥗

In tech, it may not be uncommon for employees to get catered lunch. Here at Ginger Labs, we take walks to our favorite lunch spots and choose what we want to eat — because not everyone wants to eat the same thing…

By Holmes Futrell, Notability engineer

One of my favorite aspects of Notability’s design is that every bit of content is editable and interactive after it’s created. For example, after you draw a diagram you can select, scale, and move it within your Notability document without it becoming pixelated. You can play back recorded audio and tap your handwritten notes to navigate the recording to the point in time at which you jotted those notes down. You can erase objects to split them apart using the Partial Eraser feature and then select those newly subdivided objects individually. …

Together, we at Ginger Labs create tools that are simple to use, yet powerful. Our goal is simple: make people’s lives easier. From the day Ginger Labs began, we committed to a culture rooted in openness and collaboration. We ensure every employee is empowered to make a direct impact on every aspect of our organization. We know our power lies in the talent of our employees, so we make sure that working at Ginger Labs is enjoyable and rewarding.

An inside look at new features and how they came to life.

If you’re currently studying in any STEM-related fields, you’re in luck! There are some new features available in our Shop that you’ll want to check out.

The story behind the STEM tools

We’re always looking for ways to make schoolwork easier and more enjoyable for the millions of students who use Notability. When a Michigan-based engineer (and a long-time Notability super-fan), Zachary Reinke, reached out to us with an idea for STEM stickers, we were all ears! Zach initially was a self-taught engineer (thanks to YouTube videos and Kahn Academy classes). From those early…

From drawing perfectly shaped donuts to scanning documents, we bet there are some things you didn’t know you could do in Notability!

Whether you’re a newbie or a master Notability user, read on to learn about some neat features that can power up your note-taking.

🍩 Create perfect shapes. Draw any shape and hold the ink for a moment; watch as the shape snaps perfectly into place. You can also erase perfect shapes! Try this: Draw a circle, hold the ink down, then erase a circle from the center. Wa-la you’ve made a donut. Now add sprinkles!

🎧 Listen to audio at the right pace. Adjust audio playback speed for your listening style. Audio speed options are: 0.7x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x.

More creative tools, customization, and optional flair than ever before!

10 years since Notability’s launch, 220 releases later….oh boy, are we excited to introduce Notability 10.0! This update brings powerful new features, fun improvements, and introduces the first-ever Notability Shop for all your creative needs! Here’s what’s new and what you can do:

All your favorite tools within reach

Favorites toolbar: Now you can save and quickly switch between 8 of your go-to Pen, Highlighter, and Eraser styles in a separate toolbar. You can even place the toolbar anywhere your heart desires (or hide it completely)! It just got that much easier to doodle away.

Back-to-school time is just around the corner—oh my! So much has changed with many districts starting out the school year with remote learning.

If you're an educator, fear not! Change can be good if you’re able to embrace it. We’ve got some great new tips to share with you from 5th-grade teacher, Julie Bowles, as part of our Online Learning Series: Advice from Teachers. Also, you can find additional instructions on how to use Notability for teaching online in our Help Center.

We spoke to Julie back in March about her initial transition to remote teaching after nine years of…

Adjusting to remote learning has quite a learning curve: mastering new technologies, finding new ways to keep students engaged, and testing teaching methods you never thought you’d explore! The second of our Online Learning Series comes from Mandi Tolen — a high school math teacher, technology leader, learning junkie, “sketchnoter,” and author of Make Math Not Suck. Also, be sure to check out our last post with additional remote teaching tips.

Here is how Mandi teaches with Notability:

  1. Creates multi-media notes for instruction
  2. Presents notes interactively using Notability as a digital whiteboard
  3. Archives notes in Google Classroom following class
  4. Makes…

Why the team behind Notability reimagined email for modern communication and live collaboration.

People have a natural tendency to seek the path of least resistance. This is visible in the eroded shortcuts in green spaces; empty stairways near congested escalators, or the boom in delivery service businesses.

We all want to do things efficiently, especially amidst a backdrop of an increasingly complex digital world. The multitude of apps we use every day make this difficult; they’re too fragmented.

Most of us use email, reminders, notes, and a calendar in our personal and professional lives, but switching apps (or accounts) is…

In her own words: Annie Castro, Mathematics Department Chair

Before using Notability, I searched endlessly looking for an app that would meet all my needs, namely, having a board with plenty of customization. Now I am hooked. Here is how I use Notability daily.

In the Classroom

In class, we have smart boards that connect with our iPads. I present and teach through my iPad daily. It allows me to show my notes on the screen, while I have another document open or more importantly for my math classes, my graphing calculator app. I can work out problems with all my tools visible…

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